How have funerals changed during Covid -19?

How have funerals changed during Covid -19?

August 18, 2020

There are few areas of our lives that haven’t been affected by Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been applied to try and keep people safe. And as we collectively grieve for the global loss of life, so do we also wish to mourn the passing of those we love.

So how have funerals changed during the pandemic? Whilst gatherings have been subject to evolving guidelines and regulations, there are many ways that funerals have become more intimate.

Small and meaningful

Because the number of mourners permitted has been so restricted, those close family and friends attending have found funerals to be more intimate. As before the pandemic, many aspects of a funeral can be still personalised to suit your wishes, including music, flowers, readings, and these have become even more poignant than usual. Mourners can include letters or poems into the coffin, and dress codes can be observed to celebrate the life of the person they love.

Old fashioned values

Because of the limited number of mourners permitted to attend a funeral, we have seen an increase in traditional ways of people paying their respects, such as by friends, neighbours and work colleagues wishing to stand at the roadside, removing hats and bowing their heads as the hearse passes by.

Surrounded by nature

Some families are choosing, or have been restricted to, funerals being conducted outdoors at the burial plot. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and many have found being outside very soothing, with views across the hills and surrounded by wildlife, bird song and nature’s beauty. Families have also found outside burial services more special as they have felt more memorable, not just because it has been in the middle of a pandemic, but because it hasn’t been like other funerals they may have attended.

Time for reflection

Current guidelines do not allow attendees to sing during an indoor service as this can increase the spread of the Covid virus between people. Instead, favourite pieces of music can be played during the service to allow mourners to remember their loved one in a moment of quiet reflection.


If the family wishes, services can be filmed and broadcast over the internet for family and friends who aren’t able to attend to still be able to share in their collective loss.

Future celebrations

As the pandemic eases and social restrictions are lifted, many families are planning to combine the scattering of ashes with services of thanksgiving to celebrate the memory of the person they love. These can be formal memorials or more relaxed and inclusive activities such as going for a countryside walk, taking a picnic to the beach or sharing a meal with extended family and friends.

Planning for the future

During the pandemic, people have understandably been more mindful of their health and have potentially been feeling vulnerable, whilst thinking about what arrangements their families might have to make for them. A funeral plan can provide peace of mind for you and your family and could save you money. You choose the funeral you want and pay for our services included in the plan at today’s prices, relieving your family of worries and uncertainty at a distressing time.

So, whilst many things have changed during the pandemic, we do our best to ensure that funeral services still hold the same meaning and significance to respect the passing of a loved one, albeit in slightly different ways to usual.

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